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Wake in the Night • Can’t Go Back To Sleep

Often this can be due to:

  • Low blood sugar

Do you consume enough calories during the day? How about at dinner time? Waking hungry? Having a dinner of complex carbohydrates with plenty of good fats and steamed veggies 3 hours before bed is a good rule of thumb.  Having a  protein meal at lunch time as this promotes more energy in the day.  Is there a family have a history of  blood sugar issues?>GO TO PROTOCOL >GENERAL >BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES

  • Hot flashes

Peri-menopause and menopause affect on the ovaries (decrease in hormones) causes the hypothalamus’s control of temperature regulation to become irregular. There hasn’t been much research on the actual pathophysiology. Sex hormones in general are lower at night. For more support during this phase of life, GO TO PROTOCOL > PERI-MENOPAUSE AND OR MENOPAUSE for more support

  • Night sweats

Sometimes toxins can cause us to sweat – it out- while we sleep by disturbing, challenging our immune system.  Toxic, auto immune night sweats happen in the night, whereas hot flashes can happen in the day and the night. GO TO> DETOX and > AUTO IMMUNE PROTOCOL to rule this out.

  • Alcohol consumption

Limit intake to <1.5 glass and have a minimum of 2 days a week without alcohol. Or take a break altogether giving the liver a break and the ability to clean the blood better. GO TO> DETOX PROTOCOL

  • Caffeine consumption

Alcohol causes our liver to detox caffeine in the night dumping it into the blood again. Limit your intake of caffeine to only the morning <10 a.m. Reduce the amount to about 1 cup. Green tea is usually safe to imbibe at lunch or the afternoon unless there is a sensitivity to caffeine. Try stopping caffeine altogether for awhile. GO TO>FATIGUE PROTOCOL OR> DETOX PROTOCOL

  • Anxiety/Stress

Keep a journal beside the bed and write down anything that is creating worry and anxiousness. Now say a prayer and give it to God- at least until the morning. GO TO PROTOCOL > ANXIETY/STRESS




High in terpenes like CBD oil which helps to calm the nervous system amongst many other effects (which you will see in other protocols.)

  • Fill a Tablespoon with a bit of raw honey and fill the rest with black seed oil. Take before bed.


Crosses the blood brain barrier and calms the mind’s nighttime chatter.

  • 1 cap taken before bed


Supports thyroid function reducing hot flashes and increases the production of serotonin and melatonin

  • 1/2 tsp applied to thin skinned areas before bed and on rising. If you wake hot in the night, apply before dinner and not before bed.

  • Menstruating and peri-menopause use day 14-28 of cycle

  • Menopause use for 28 days with a 3-5 day break. Following the full moon is a good rhythm.


Reduces hot flashes and aids in deep sleep

  • 1/4 tsp pea-size -applied to thin skinned areas before bed and on rising.


Aids stabilization of blood sugar, supports healthy progesterone, serotonin and melatonin levels.

  • 1-2 caps with breakfast

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