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Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to stress, shock, poor diet, childbirth, hormonal change and auto immune disorders.

Often this can be due to:

  •  A stressful event or on going stress may temporarily cause hair loss. This could take place even a month after an event.
  • Diets low in minerals, vitamins, good proteins and quality fats will eventually cause hair loss.
  • Child birth can be a trauma that shocks the body, medications if were necessary for delivery, hormone changes and thyroid changes call all affect hair loss.
  • Estrogen and androgen dominance in a cycling woman can cause hair loss.
  • Menopause can cause hair loss due to a decrease in all hormones, DHEA, Estrogen and progesterone.


  • Increase protein intake such as wild caught salmon, sardines, black beans, avocados, nut butters, walnuts, organic pumpkin seeds, organic chicken and grass fed beef at least 3 oz- 3 x a day.
  • Increase quality fats such as org. flaxseed oil, org. olive oil,  ghee, nut butters, walnuts, avocados, grass fed butter 1 TB spoon 3 x a day.
  • Drink spring water 8 oz + hourly
  • Get 8-9 hours deep sleep (see insomnia protocol if sleep is an issue)
  • Exercise to increase circulation 20 min. – 45 min. daily
  • Meditate to reduce stress work up to 20 min. a day.
  • Breathe deeply often to oxygenate cells, release stress and reduce cortisol- getting into parasympathetic mode out of fight or flight mode.


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